Puzzlecuts is the lo-fi indie rock project of Matt Hambone from Kalamazoo, MI. Back in 2015 we covered his debut album Like a Human Being, which we described as “ pop melodies… with wordy lyrics and a great big helping of noisy indie rock… something along the lines of heavyweights of the genre such as Pavement meets contemporary acts such as Hallelujah the Hills, Car Seat Headrest and Titus Andronicus.”

Now Puzzlecuts returns with a sophomore album, No Max Amount, and today we’re happy to unveil a brand new song from it. ‘All Wound Up’ is a perfectly pitched indie rock song, dialling back the rawness of the rest of the album to build in a slow and slightly off-kilter manner, periods of relative silence growing and gathering like thunderheads, but always wrapped up in a sunny slacker vibe. Things eventually get their release during the chorus, with the surprisingly catchy throaty cry of:

“but if gravity co-operates with me
my shoulders might not feel
so damn heavy
a thousand pounds a piece
man I ain’t Hercules here
guess Mount Olympus can wait ’til I’m
all wound up to go…”

No Max Amount is out on the 24th of March, and you can pre-order it now from the Puzzlecuts Bandcamp page.