We’ve covered New Jersey project Boosegumps several times here at WTD, and even had a chat with lead Heeyoon Won about their album πŸ™‚. We were excited then to hear that Boosegumps are back with a brand new EP, On the Way to Meet You. The EP is an evolution in the Boosegumps sound, a short and sweet collection of tracks that are all wrapped up in a warm sense of progress, a kind of quiet self-assured willingness to do better, to be okay.

The title track has a slow, lullaby-like quality, Won’s vocals delivering lyrics that feel like the turning of a new leaf, like the calm optimism of a bright morning that’s full of possibilities.

“Today I will not remind myself
my mind will stay quiet
and all I’ll be able to hear
Is the sound of my footsteps
on the way to meet you”

‘Separation is Okay’ swaps keys for gentle guitar, a quietly confident breakup song gilded with triumphant sampled horns, again like the sound of someone overcoming a difficult period. It paints that feeling of seeing sadness in things but feeling generally okay about it. ‘Little Cloud’ is another lullaby, with gentle cooing background vocals and naively gentle lyrics about the titular little cloud. The final track is the EP’s first single. ‘Happy’, is an upbeat song that focusses on the repetition of good vibes in a hope they’ll come true.

“I am so positive
I am so happy
I tell myself every day,
I’m starting to believe me”

On the Way to Meet YouΒ is out now on 7″ lathe cut vinyl on Birdtapes (and also comes with a cool zine) and as a name-your-price download via the Boosegumps Bandcamp page.

heeyoon zine boosegumps photo