Goodman is the recording project of New York’s Michael Goodman and his band of associates.  The last few weeks have seen a drip-feed of new songs from his latest full-length, The Vicissitudes, which finally sees release this Friday (3rd Feb) via Invertebrate.

If you are yet to climb aboard the Goodman train, latest single ‘Hourglass’ is as good as place as any to hop on and enjoy the ride. Slightly more restrained than the previous singles, the track is cloaked in a syrupy retro vibe, a thick, golden nostalgia made up of twang and reverb that makes even the most cutting sadness and regret appear halfway gratifying. From its languid beginnings, Goodman’s vocals rise in passion and feeling, hinting at the more ramshackle numbers elsewhere on the album, though here (just) remaining contained within the hazy bubble of comfy melodrama.

The Vicissitudes is out on the 3rd February via Invertebrate and you can pre-order it now from the Goodman Bandcamp page. If you are in/around New York, there’s a release show on the 8th Feb at the Knitting Factory, with support from The Shacks, Color Tongue and The Misters. You can get tickets here.