Loyal readers will already know about free space. We featured the Chattanooga, Tennessee band back in August, when we reviewed their album, ahead of myself, and enjoyed it a lot. The duo, Josh Mays and Abi Brown, recently got in touch to say they had made a video for ‘i wish i was plural’, which just so happens to be our favourite song on the record. We’re really happy to share it with you today.

The beautifully-shot video, which free space shot and edited themselves, begins in a dark and enclosed art exhibit, Mays and Brown lit only by a celestial light show, projected images of the sun and the moon and distant constellations. This changes just before the minute mark, as the song unfurls and we’re transported into the big wide world, forest sunsets and leafy avenues and panoramic skies, before we’re whizzed back into the walk-in planetarium, as if all that real-world stuff was just a dream.

All this fits really well with the song’s existential overtones, the images knitting together to conjure that very human yearning you might feel when looking at wide open spaces or beautiful things. It’s difficult to put into words but it’s part of the reason why reincarnation holds appeal, something to do with never being satisfied, or constantly being amazed, that desire to be an intrinsic part of everything you ever see or hear about when all you have is your own tiny body and limited nerve endings.

If you haven’t already, head to the Free Space Bandcamp page to download ahead of myself for however much you’re willing to pay.