Terry vs. Tori are a band from Seville who make a decidedly summery brand of jangly pop music. Vocal duties ate shared between guitarist Manuel Jiminez and drummer Erica Lender, while Jose Prieto plays bass. Their self-titled EP is made up of four sleek and jangly pop songs that evoke warm and fuzzy twilight, the onset of dark soothing your sun-addled, summer holidaying brain. The band describe their sound as a “soft mix of beach oneiric sounds with garage drums and adult contemporary bass-lines.”

Your dancing shoes might come in useful during ‘Dream Wild’, its surfy guitars sounding pastel pink and aquamarine as they jangle along merrily, while ‘Cool It!’ is equally pepped-up, even the slight sadness in Pender’s vocals not dampening spirits. ‘Like Always’ is a wonderfully melodic and catchy, Lender singing “I don’t think I wanna hear that / please don’t tell me how I look”, before ‘Hit and Miss’ closes the EP with a final slice of lean and energetic jangle pop, the vocals giving things a dreamy romantic vibe.

“Blue eyes keep tearin me apart
I do, I just keep fallin’
I’m sinkin’ please save me again”

You can buy Terry Vs. Tori now from Bandcamp on a pay-what-you-can basis.