Boston folk artist Sam Moss has recently announced his ninth studio album, Fable. For those unfamiliar with Moss’ work, he is able to marry technically proficient fingerpicked guitar work with old-school folk songwriting. As his bio declares: “His work rambles through various offshoots of Americana, from original and interpreted folk songs, to pastoral and occasionally jagged instrumental guitar”. On recording Fable, Moss enlisted the help of a backing band (Michael Roberts on electric guitar, Jeff Murphy on bass, and Jesse Fox on drums), which promises to take things into uncharted folk rock territory.

Moss has posted the first track, ‘Postman’, as a taster and it has certainly whetted my appetite. The track captures the themes of the album overall, which Moss says was created “during a period of rootlessness and floated with me across the time zones of the United States.”

Fable is due for release on the 6th May on Lost Honey Records. You can pre-order it on CD, vinyl or digital download via the Sam Moss Bandcamp page. Alternatively you can pledge help via Indiegogo to get some exciting (and imaginative) extras. Moss also has a growing list of tour dates which you can see at his website.


Photo by Emily Haviland Baker