Arlo Aldo are an alt-folk band from Pittsburgh consisting of David Manchester (guitars, vocals), Ariel Forbes (keys, vocals), Susanna Meyers (bass, vocals), Brandon Forbes (drums) and Jessie Hoffman (viola). Following up 2013’s Zelie and 2014’s EP Spin the Twine, the band are set to release their second full-length album, House & Home, this month on Future Oak Records.a1347340410_10You’ll have to wait for our full review but in the meantime we’re delighted to be able to share the title track a few weeks early. A reworking of a track from their previous EP, ‘House & Home’ is a great introduction to the band’s aesthetic, drawing upon the American landscape and the people who live upon it to create tales full of love and loss. It uses everything a good folk song needs, from the acoustic instrumentation to the slightly ramshackle percussion and pretty vocal harmonies, creating something that transcends it roots to resonate with listeners the world over.

“O’er the mountains, Out past the trees
where the deer don’t dare to lie
You’ll find me, singin’ my own
soft, sweet, lullaby”

House & Home will be released by Future Oak Records on the 26th February. If you find yourself near Pittsburgh then the band are playing a release show at Commonwealth Press Warehouse on the 27th Feb. You can find all the details here, but it sounds like it will be an exciting night, an extravaganza of local creativity with special guests Mariage Blanc, a DJ set by tOTAL TRASH and on-site t-shirt printing.