We’ve been following Canadian songwriter Andy Shauf ever since HI54LOFI included one of his early songs from 2009’s Darker Days on EH?‘, our Canada Day collaboration back in 2013. Shauf has continued to move up in the world. His album The Bearer of Bad News (Tender Loving Empire) got some rather high praise, and his upward spiral has continued, with ANTI- (and Arts & Crafts in Canada) snapping him up for a new record.

The new album is due out in the new year but ANTI- have released a new song to keep you occupied in the meantime. ‘Jenny Come Home’ is something of a departure from his previous records, employing warmer, more upbeat sound to produce a jaunty, 70s-flavoured blend of folk and rock. The lyrics however are at odds with the buoyant tone, a story of infidelity unearthed, told from the perspective of the guilty party.

“You got back home about a quarter to four
and when you opened the door
you saw a pair of shoes you’d never seen before.
You came upstairs and we were scrambled so
she tried to make for the door.
I swear you packed all your things and were gone before she.
Jenny come home to me”

You can pick up The Bearer of Bad News and other past releases on the Andy Shaf Bandcamp, if you missed them the first time around. Otherwise keep your ears to the ground for more news on the new record.