We are getting pretty excited about the release of Quiet, Constant Friends, our forthcoming charity compilation which sees lots of cool bands come together for a really good cause. Today we are unveiling the album’s opening track, the hauntingly atmospheric ‘The Well’ by Canadian artist (and Snow Mantled Love lead) Danielle Fricke.

‘The Well’ is taken from her upcoming album Moon, which you will be hearing a lot more about in the coming months. The song is at least partly inspired by Andrew Kaufman’s All My Friends are Superheroes. As Danielle explains:

“I remember opening this book while waiting at an airport to fly over the ocean and back home. An event in the story causes the main character’s wife to be hypnotized to no longer see him, and so he becomes invisible to her. The book is a fairly quick light read and filled with humour. However, underneath it all I felt attached to this struggle where no matter how close the husband felt to his wife, he was never really there in her eyes. This idea inspired my song ‘The Well’, as I was in a long distance relationship at that time, I thought no matter how close I felt to the person, at moments there would always be an ocean between us, making me invisible.”

The accompanying artwork is a painting by South African artist Amor Coetzee in response to the song. You can find her on the Dayfeels website, follow her on Tumblr and Instagram, and ‘like’ her Facebook page to be sure to keep up with her work.


Remember that you can (and should) order Quiet, Constant Friends on cassette via the Wake the Deaf Bandcamp page, which come with a selection of small prints of the original artwork. Digital downloads available too for the fully-functioning members of the twenty-first century among you. Every penny of the profits go straight to Worldreader so what are you waiting for?