Despite only writing about Kalle Mattson back in 2013, we have been fans of his music ever since 2009’s Whisper Bee. His last album Someday, the Moon Will Be Gold was special. Dealing with the death of his mother, the album was at once celebratory and pensive, providing the highs and lows and every elevation in between that make up a treasured life.

Mattson has just announced a new EP, Avalanche, which picks up directly where Someday left off. That said, the first track sees a significant departure from his sound, swapping out the Wooden Sky-style indie rock for gently strummed guitars and slow-burning drum machine beats which conjure a vivid, nostalgic image, like a city as seen from a dark shore at night.

Avalanche will be released on the 21st August by Home Music Co. If you haven’t already, be sure to head to the Kalle Mattson Bandcamp page and pick up his previous albums.