We wrote about the self-titled début album from Roxy Brennan’s Two White Cranes back in November, a review we concluded by stating:

“Far from being a homely painted-by-numbers folk singer, Brennan has multiple paths open to her. We for one would love to see which she chooses next”

Well we are about to get an answer. Brennan has announced the second Two White Cranes album, Radisson Blue, will be released on the 1st August this year. So far only one song has been unveiled, so we will have to wait to see just how hotel-centric the record is, but it does give an indication of the direction the project is taking. Presumably named after the Raymond Carver short story, ‘So Much Water, So Close to Home” feels like a clear advancement from anything on Two White Cranes, fleshed out with electric guitar and drums and focussed in its writing.

“The poetry I read
while sitting on the train,
reminding me of times
we wore each other down.
This cup of coffee is here
to evoke a feeling of normality
you’ll eat your crisps and I will fear
the day when you no longer write me”

You can pre-order the album digitally or on CD from the Two White Cranes Bandcamp page, or grab a cassette from Odd Box Records.