This month, Head In The Clouds returns to its usual format, consisting of a smattering of the best music on Soundcloud over the last month.

First up is Kendrick Lamar and Flying Lotus. One of the first snippets from Flying Lotus’ forthcoming album, You’re Dead, ’Never Catch Me’ is the sound of both of them at the very top of their game. Pitchfork described the result as exhilarating and ‘sphincter-tightening.’ Ouch.

Next up is Theophilus London with ‘Do Girls’. It’s about it exactly what you’d imagine it to be about. Produced by CID RIM, with further input from Kanye, it’s another teaser before his album Vibes lands at the end of October.

Jacques Greene sampling the Weeknd is next. The usual skittering beats, the Weeknd’s ever smooth vocals and synth pangs abound. It’s up for free download, so grab it while you can!

In complete juxtaposition to the tracks included so far, is Hiatus’ “Garden”. It’s a peaceful yet stirring minimalist piece, featuring piano and strings. As one commentator wisely pointed out, it sounds like it could have been included on the soundtrack to The Assassination of Jess James. Can’t be too bad to grab comparisons to Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, can it?

While on the topic of soundtracks, it’s only fair to that four of the tracks from the new Gone Girl film have been uploaded to Soundcloud. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross have something of a growing resumé, with an Oscar winning score and a Grammy already under their belts. What the duo seem remarkably good at is creating music that fits a story so well that you feel like the plot’s missing something without it. As with their previous efforts, Gone Girl fits the mood of the book (and I imagine film) perfectly.