Here’s the second part of this month’s Head In The Clouds (check the first out here). It’s something of a catch up to compensate for over three months of inaction. Let’s hope you find something you like …

We’ll kick off with one of two new tracks from Face + Heel (the other, Colonize, can be streamed here). My Medyk sees Face + Heel continue to define their sound and set out their stall, blurring the boundaries between electronic music, dance and pop. Solid drums, soggy synths and simple keys are perfectly blended with serene vocals.

These guys. You often get the feeling with Rustie’s music that he operates in a different world, where the colours are more vibrant and sounds louder. This remix of Machinedrum’s Back Seat Ho is quite simply everything you’d expect from him. It’s, obviously, absolutely ludicrous and far too much fun.

Last year, Chris Malinchak produced the track of the summer, So Good To Me. It seems as if he may be about to repeat the trick. Forever is the pure definition of summer vibes, as was it’s predecessor. His true skill, however, isn’t in just finding a catchy hook or sample, it’s that his music doesn’t sound stale or repetitive. And you can have it for free!

Black Atlass is back with his new Young Bloods EP. You can stream the whole thing here. My personal highlight is Jewels, the EP closer. It’s a slow paced affair; intense, brooding and unrelentingly smooth, set over the top of scene-setting vinyl crackle. Culminating in distorted bliss around 2:50, it’s pulsating and primal.

A question: Is it sacrilege to touch with a Sufjan Steven’s track? On the grounds of Jaymes Young’s ‘remake’, the answer would appear to be no. A respectful tampering of the original gives Habits of my Heart more drive while maintaining the air of fragility the original. Grab it while it’s free!

2 is 8 is yet another taster of what Lone has to offer. Irresistibly slick yet choppy, it has a certain bounce and swaggy charm. This is undeniable feel good music. Fortunately, there’s so much more to come, with a new album, Reality Testing, in the pipeline for a June release on R&S.

That’s your lot for April, we’re back to the monthly updates now, so check back in May for volume 11!