Carpi Records, french purveyors of all things lo-fi/experimental/ambient (and home to releases from artists such as Happy Trendy), have just released a new batch of cassette tape releases for the month of March. Their bandcamp page has some previews of the new releases so I thought I’d give them a spin.

CR-19: Wild Woods (preview) cover art

First up is Wild Woods by Tape Sounds (who we featured on our favourite free music of 2013 list). Supposedly the soundtrack to a tale of post-apocalyptic isolation, each song is intended to serve as a chapter in the story (credit to posts on Twoism forums for the info).

CR-20: EZG (preview) cover art

Next is a self-titled album by frenchman Eliott Z. Gualdi. The preview track offers fourteen minutes of zen-like meditative guitar and piano (and probably some other instruments I don’t know the names of). That’s his grandfather one the cover by the way, which is pretty cool.

CR-21: Pause (preview) cover art

Last but not least is a split release from Mark Aubert and Bluezr, entitled PauseAubert’s preview is a really interesting collage of samples and chopped up beats. Bluezr’s opens with the haunting sound of a siren and opens into a very chill ambient track. The term hypnagogic was coined for stuff like this.

You can get all three right now from Carpi Records.I probably don’t need to tell you that the cassettes are beautifully designed. All releases are extremely limited so grab one now before they go.