Piotr-Heslin is a collaborative effort from Australian composer and producer Paul Heslin and Polish-born New Englander Derek Piotr made possible through the wonder that is the internet (the two have never met in person), Piotr-Heslin is a minimalist exploration of the sonic possibilities of the human voice. The combination of meticulous (but sparse) beat architecures and eviscerated vocal snippets makes for a somewhat haunting experience, and with a number of tracks constructed purely from manipulated vocals, with others featuring the sounds of freshly fallen snow and playgrounds, this is not music for the sonically timid.

Piotr-Heslin is experimentalism at its very best, not just a bit left field, but a genuine collection of aural experiments, each exploring a different phonic language and syntax.

Released on Australian label Wood and Wire, the album is available for absolutely nothing here.