To make up for the fact that October’s Head In The Clouds never materialised, this month’s assemblage of tracks from Soundcloud is an extra long one. In no particular order, here’s what we’ve been listening to recently.

First up is Cardiff based Carcharorion Riddim, with a reworking of a traditional Welsh song. Thoroughly understated and more than a little haunting, this is an exceptionally well put together track.

Noveller is Brooklynite composer and filmmaker Sarah Lipstate, whose solo guitar work has been described as “simultaneously soothing and mind-wrecking noise”. ‘Bright Clouds Bloom’ definitely leans more towards the soothing than mind wrecking, and can be found on Ghostly Records recently released SMM: Opiate.

Changing pace a bit, next up is Bicep with nearly 6 minutes of acid inflected house. ‘The Final Trip’ is essentially a series of textural experiments, with various synth pads and staccato bass lines washing in and out over a relentless percussive section. Definitely one for late nights.

Next up is a track from Italian producer Yakamoto Kotzuga. ‘Your Smell’ is a beautifully intimate track of quiet melodies bathed in a post-coital dream haze.

I suppose this track requires very little introduction. The first lady of contemporary house reworking a track by a chillout legend. Sounds as great as you’d think.

Long ago, Anna Rose Carter was one of the first artists we featured on WTD. ‘Unstitch’ is meditation on a single theme, which swells out of nothing, rises to a prolonged flourish, before returning to the nothing from whence it came. Simple, but very beautiful.

One of two remixes of Kool FM posted on Four Tet’s Souncloud in the last month, Container’s fuzzed-to-fuck reworking takes what was already a pretty intense track into an absolutely insane one.

As an early taster of their upcoming album Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light On Everything (due for release in January), Thee Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orchestra have dropped an excerpt from new track Austerity Blues. At 7 minutes, it’s only half of the song, but touches all the bases that you might expect from  the GY!BE offshoots; jagged strings, raw, unpolished vocals, and tempestuous crescendos that teeter on the brink of disintegrating completely.

Manchester based producer Alex Coulton’s Murda is perhaps best described in the comments left by Sounclouders, which include the following: “MIND FUCK”, and “End of the night shite”. Viva la rave horn.

That’s it for Head In The Clouds Vol. 9, and the last one of the year. For December, we’ll be doing something slightly different which will involve much more regular posts.

If you missed our folk/acoustic roundup for November, see Vol.4 of Feet On The Ground.