Back In February, Jake Klar (who we have previously written about here) released his second EP, entitled Rocks & Gravel. I can only apologise for being so late to the party on this one.

Rocks & Gravel sees a continuation of Klar’s brand of folk music, although he’s stepped it up a bit in terms of volume and dynamism. ‘Devil’s Bread’ is more blues-rock than folk, the gravelly vocals growling with a barely-restrained force. The title track is another bluesy rock affair, a bar room brawl compared to some of Klar’s more reserved moments, “Somebody tell my woman!” he yells during the chorus.

Speaking of reserved moments, the next track, ‘Can’t Help Thinkin It Was Easy’ is reminiscent of the self-titled EP, a quintessential folk song, with shades of Dylan, van Zandt et al. It’s a matter of personal preference but I prefer Klar in this mode. The lyrics are the ramblings of of a wandering man:

“Now I’m watching the road running under the wheels
And I’ll daydream the next hundred miles

Rolling down with the night
the hills and these eastern pines”

‘Ride On’ is another lovely folk song, with a strong The Tallest Man On Earth vibe, and closer ‘Ham & Eggs’ is as bluesy as they come, a foot-tapping shuffle backed by Klar’s signature whiskey-soaked vocals.

The EP is available for $10 and comes in handmade, one of a kind packaging. You can also download it for however much you feel like paying. Get it via the Jake Klar Bandcamp. If you’re a fan of Klar’s previous work, or of folk/blues/rock then I’d highly suggest giving it a shot.