Folly & The Hunter are an indie rock band from Montreal. They have recently signed to Outside Records (home to artists/acts such as Black Mountain, Little Scream, Leif Vollebekk and The Besnard Lakes – more on whom later) and have just released their second album, Tragic Care (a follow up to 2011’s Residents).

The album was produced by Jace Lacek (of the aforementioned The Besnard Lakes – who coincidentally also have a new album, Until In Excess, Imperceptible), and offers an intriguing mix of indie rock, folk and post-rock style atmospherics. Recorded and mixed in just twelve days, Tragic Care was inspired by a year of loss and heartache, lyrically dealing with the emotional fallout involved in coming to terms with loss and rejection. It’s certainly not all doom and gloom though, there are definite chinks of light and hope. It’s a bittersweet record. Check out Moth In The Porch Light in the player below:

You can buy the album now via Outside Music, or download a deluxe version via iTunes (deluxe version includes a cover of Hiver Mile-End by Québécoise singer-songwriter Ariane Moffatt). The band are also about to join Aidan Knight on a tour of Canada, check the dates here.