We are long-time fans of Rhode Island’s Magic Man here at Wake The Deaf, having previously covered their brilliant debut album Real Life Color, featured their songs on our mixtapes, and included other projects from band members on our end of year list. It’s been a little while since we’ve heard anything from the band, but now they have returned with a brand new track – Paris. The band has also expanded during the hiatus, growing from the duo of school friends that created Real Life Colour, to a full-on synth rock five-piece. The results of this expansion are clearly apparent on Paris, a track that seems to suggest that Magic Man have decided to follow the path towards more energetic and euphoric pop music. Yes some of the warm and fuzzy intimate charm of the debut may be lost, but there are strengths here, from the tinkling piano intro to the groovy synths and the catchy chorus. I think that there’s real potential here for Magic Man to explode, and for Paris to become one of the summer’s biggest hits.

Listen to the song in the player and download it for free via Soundcloud or Bandcamp. The track also has an official video which you can see on the band’s Youtube channel.