Our latest installment of free musical goodness. Again, please don’t treat ‘name your own price’ as a synonym for ‘free’ (as I suppose I have). A few dollars/pounds would be welcome I’m sure.

Eric & MagillAll Those I Know (Actually released 31st Dec 2010. Forgive me).

(RIYL: “Folktronica”, Crescendos, Dirty Projectors)


The Fierce & The DeadIf It Carries On Like This We Are Moving To Morecambe

(RIYL = Post-Rock, Progressive)


First NationsBlack Beach

(RIYL = Folk Rock, Meursault)


Flashing Red LightsFaster Horses

(RIYL = Indie Pop, Electronic)


Foxes in FictionHospital District/Static Cults 7”

(RIYL = Ambient, Dream Pop, Experimental)


Frederik TeigeElevate

(RIYL = Folk Pop)


GeoticBless the Self

(RIYL = Baths, Experimental, Ambient)


Glass VaultsInto Clear EP

(RIYL = Ambient, Shoegaze, Dreaming)



(RIYL = Bedroom Pop, Lo-Fi, Electronic)


HeadachesSpooky Mulder

(RIYL = Electronic, Experimental, Aliens)


In Euphoric Company People You Remember, People You Forget

(RIYL = Indie Rock, Broken Social Scene, Local Natives)


In LieuFuck Crz

(RIYL = Post-Rock, Sigur Ros, Owen)


James HoffmanMill City

(RIYL = Acoustic, Folk, M. Ward)


Jeremy Lee GivenArapaima

(RIYL = Indie Pop, “Bro-Fi”, Large Fish)


Jessica JalbertParis Green (Single)

(RIYL = Melancholia, Dream Pop, Mirah)


John StatzThe Budapest Sessions

(RIYL = Americana, Alt-Country)


Kalle MattsonAnchors 

(RIYL = Indie Pop, Folk, Canada)