Parts & Labor are an experimental rock band from Brooklyn, New York. They make noisy, unpredictable music that was once described by the NY Times as ‘in overdrive,’ going on to add ‘songs roar through the mental landscape of a post-9/11 New York; the attack is compounded of fury, paranoia, confusion and portents of disaster.’ Lyrics tend to focus on the ideas of technology somehow being slightly evil and sinister, something that has slowly crept into our existence and somehow lodged itself so deep that we now entirely depend upon it.

They plan to release a new album, Constant Future, in March of this year on Jagjaguwar Records, a fantastic label that is home to a wide range of brilliant artists such as Okkervil River, The Cave Singers and Bon Iver. A song from the new LP is available here, as are a few songs from previous releases (I highly recommend ’Nowhere’s Nigh’ from Receivers). They also have some stuff on Spotify so have a listen and hopefully buy some records.